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Those under 30 make up almost one fifth of the UK population yet, despite their childhood and teenage years being only recently behind them, their voices are often unheard in debates about pornography and our culture. These young people have a unique insight into the challenges presented by a society in which technology enables everyone to be fully connected, but also makes the most extreme material imaginable instantly available at their fingertips.


This April an event has been organised to connect those in power with under 30s to discuss the real impact of pornography.

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All the speakers will be under 30 and they will share their experiences, concerns and insights on the reality of growing up exposed to, arguably, more explicit imagery than any previous generation in history.


All 650 MPs have been invited and we hope that they will take up this unique opportunity to hear the voices of those at the sharp end.


If you think your MP should engage with this issue please encourage them to attend on the day





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