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The media has a tremendous influence upon the thinking, attitudes, language and lifestyle of children and young people.  They spend a substantial proportion of their time watching television, films and DVDs, playing computer games, listening to music and surfing the internet; with ever easier access via modern technology, such as mobile phones and wireless laptop computers. Society’s traditional and existing safeguards are failing to keep up with the speed of technological change.  Concerned parents are finding it harder and harder to supervise and monitor their children’s use of media.


Below are some useful links for those parents who are taking action to protect their children from this harmful media environment.    

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Most internet service providers offer tools that you can use to protect your children while they are online. It’s worth contacting them for advice on what they offer.

For more detailed information you may find the following sites of interest*:




BBFC insight: search for a film, click on this icon and read a detailed justification for that particular film’s classification, and information about the adult content it contains.



Social media safety tips




Free internet filter & parental control software




Advice and support on using the internet, mobile phones, games and other media




Pages for children, parents and teachers on how to be a smart surfer






A database of tools – with tips on how to choose the right ones for your needs








Advice on mobile phone security tools from one of the UK’s largest mobile retailers

  Review of the best internet filters available



Safer internet centre logo



Latest e-safety tips, advice and resources to help protect children





Part of the EU Safer Internet Plus programme with news and links concerning internet safety





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